The place for Datsun 510 Lovers From Maine To Florida!
East Coast Datsun 510 dotcom is a website for Datsun 510 lovers on the East Coast of the USA. Anyone is welcome but most members are located east of the Mississippi River and from Maine to Florida.

This website is the Home of the
The East Coast Datsun 510 Meet.
Now known as 

The Meet was first started back in 1997 when Mark Grimsley, a diehard 510 lover, decided to gather all of the local 510 owners to get to know each other. 

The first meet took place at
Summit Point Raceway 
in Charles Town, West Virginia
and was held during the  Brian Redman Jefferson 500 Vintage Car Races. 

Since then, more and more 510 lovers have made the annual trek to Summit Point to join in on the 510 festivities. It has grown bigger and better over the years. 

Below are some pictures
from past events.


May 24, 2013


The 17th Annual
 East Coast 
Datsun 510 Meet was Fantastic

Wow. Another Great 510 meet, I ca't believe it is already over. I hope you had a good time. I know I did.

We had over 20 510s show up with lots of the usual attendees and many new 510 owners and new cars too.

And the Weather was good too. Mostly Sunshine and warm days and the rain held off until Sunday.

Here are some pics from the event. I will post more as people send them to me.

On a side note: We are planning on a smaller Fall event in Sept. - Oct. Check back for details soon. It will be a cruise and BBQ in the Northern VA area. One of our regular SPEC510 attendees, Brian O. has offered up his place for the event. 


Past Events:

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More pics of past events.

Lots of great racing, camping and 510s. 2 doors, 4 doors and wagons too. Motor swap galore. Street Cars and Race Cars we've got them all. 

For even more great pics from the 2009 SPEC510 Meet,
click this link:
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